Eryri Tai-Ji? Eryri means “Eagles peak”, and is the name given to the highest mountain in Wales situated within the Snowdonia national park. In our Tai-Ji practice, to return to mountain is an important motif and movement which means to return to our natural sense of self and well being, to return home in ourselves.
Tai-Ji is a natural and joyful practice for every one of all ages and abilities.

Attending Tai-Ji Classes and Online Instruction

Tai-Ji Class

Tai-Ji Class

What to expect

Wear loose fitting clothing, with bare feet or light shoes.

Classes begin with simple and gentle flowing movements and stretches, Chi-Kung, which warm, energise and relax the Body and calm and focus the Mind.

With lightness and in a Playful, non-forcing way we explore the Tai-Ji Ritual, 5 Element and Circle Forms of the Living Tao as transmitted by Master Chungliang Al Huang.

Without becoming “fixed”, nor with emphasis on “getting it right” we use the Movements and Exercises of the Tai-Ji Form to enhance our own awareness, creativity and Spiritual unfolding.

In Tai-Ji we find “Stillness in Movement” Classes often include a period of “Just Sitting” or Zazen. Allowing a coming to Stillness in the present moment.

Benefits of Tai-Ji include;

  • Frees the Body and improves posture
  • energises and relaxes
  • improves circulation
  • activates muscles sinews and joints in the body
  • strengthens physical power without stress
  • maintains youthfulness and vitality
  • calms and focuses the Mind
  • improves confidence and self-esteem
  • promotes good feeling and positive attitudes
  • opens creativity and expression
  • supports letting go
  • balances conflict
  • reinforces soft and yielding approaches to otherwise hard living
  • promotes a healthy and happy state of being
  • encourages playfulness, lightness and flexibility
... and "return to mountain"

… and “return to mountain”

Chris with his teacher Chung-Liang Al Huang

Chris with his teacher Chung-Liang Al Huang

What Others have Said

About attending Tai-Ji Classes with Chris Sheehan.

“Brilliant form of exercise…”
“Gives me a high and positive feeling for the week…”
“Feel very relaxed yet energised…”
“Relaxed and fluid way of Teaching…”,
“Tai-Ji as it should be taught in the West…”
“Space to find my own expression…”
“Can make Tai-Ji personal to myself…”