Over the past 20 years there has been an astronomical rise in Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) in the environment. There is now 10 to the power of 14 times more microwave radiation that is being emitted from Masts, Mobile Phones, Wifi, Smart Meters, etc, than that which is naturally occurring. EMR is now a form of environmental destruction. It is the greatest threat to our health and wellbeing. Especially to children.
It was a deeply engaging, and, in spite of the very bleak subject matter, an inspiring conference. There was a connection “with people with fire”, and in the words of Polly Higgins, “courageous conversations” were made. The Hall was packed with an interested and informed audience from wide professional backgrounds.
In the morning Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe MD, a world authority on the effects of EMF, gave a brilliant overview highlighting the problems with microwave radiation. Some main points were:
5% of the population at present suffer from Electro-magnetic sensitivity (EMS) with a wide range of symptoms including, Headaches, Sickness, Nervous disorders, Depression, Insomnia, Inability to concentrate and lack of memory. For many life has become unbearable, some have been driven to suicide. EMS could soon rise to 50% of the population. Anyone at anytime can be effected.
A big problem with safety guidelines as they only measure thermal effects. There are no limits on non-thermal effects.
The UK has one of the worst safety levels in the world.
93% of studies show body Cell damage occurring at low levels of EMR.
W.H.O. declared EMF a grade 2b carcinogenic, in line with DDT, Lead and diesel fumes. Many scientist believe EMF should be a grade 1 carcinogenic, in line with Asbestos and smoking.
There will be a tidal wave of Cancers in the Western world in next ten years.
Every part of body is adversely effected by EMF; Oxidative stress, Nervous system, reduced metatonin (cell damage repair),immune suppressant, reproductive impairment, breakdown in the blood brain barrier (which could be the cause of increase in neurological conditions).
Children are particularly vulnerable as have thinner skulls and are developing. A 5 year old will absorb 60% more Radiation than an adult.
In children between the ages of 4 to 19 the second (a close secound) greatest cause of death is suicide followed by various forms of Cancer. There is a huge rise in Depression, Self-Harm, Violent and difficult behaviour, Autism in young people. All can be linked to wifi.
Dr Erica’s talk was filmed and a DVD will be available. Also I am inviting her to the School to give a Talk.
I have a sense of cold, vacant desolation when in places of wifi and near mobile phone masts. It is easy to understand a child who is subjected to very high levels of EMF through WiFi when at school showing violent and disruptive behaviour.
There is no evidence showing educational benefits from having computers in schools. Research shows that computer use lowers literacy skills and adversely effects memory and concentration.
Smart phones have their uses at specific times but in most part they are addictive toys, making life even more frantic and busy. What is the single biggest use of a home PC? Answer: Pornography.
There is a lot of big money being made; Government and Media ever more untrustworthy and subject to influences that definitely do not have the Human spirit and freedom at heart. Not to mention a highly efficient infrastructure of surveillance that is now in place.
In the afternoon was a talk from the Barrister, Lachlan Wilson on the legal matters around WiFi in schools. His main points were that we need a law change as safety standards are inadequate; Schools have a duty of care to the child so if parents present the science showing the risks of WiFi the school must then undertake a risk assessment; There have been successful cases of litigation in other countries; It is expected that a successful litigation case will be made in the next few years and then all schools will remove WiFi.
Perhaps then other public spaces will remove WiFi. I have seen that in some places now it is cool to have a sign saying “Wifi Free” rather than “Free WiFi”.
Insurer’s will not insure against EMF exposure and Mobile phone companies do not state that their products are safe.
The Hereford Steiner School does not have WiFi.
Brett West of Wireless Tech Safety LTD then spoke of his WiFi educational courses which will go live in February next year. Also he is doing research on various supplements that could help relieve effects of WiFi, e.g. Chinese Liuweidihuang, Korean Red Ginseng, Green Tea and Indian Moringa Oleifera.
So what can be done? It is interesting to observe the corresponding banning of Smoking in public places with the rise in EMF radiation. As if people know something is wrong in the air. Yet I believe exposure to EMF is at least as harmful as Smoking.
It is only possible to try and lower your and your children’s exposure to EMF.
Change your WiFi Router to a Wired or Ethernet Router. Note that with modern BT Routers the Wifi cannot be completely disabled so they need to be replaced. Do not use Mobile phones around children, turn them off or on airplane mode.
Be in Nature as much as you can. It is good to keep grounding by walking barefoot on the grass which could be part of a child’s daily rhythm.
Have a good diet. At the Conference the “dinner Lady” recommended a diet of Organic vegetable and grains, Alkaline foods, Sea veg, Sprouts, asparagus, Rosemary, Tarmaric, Garlic, Shitake mushrooms, Beans, Olive Oil, Dried Plums and Blueberries. Avoid Dairy, Meat and Sugar.

Some Websites to check out: bioinitiative.org (report 2012), powerwatch, EMFields, mast sanity.