By Chris Sheehan. (Article written in 2001 for a local newspaper in Wales)

Recognising that many difficulties arise from the concepts of beginnings and ends, rather than seeing things change and merge into other forms, this article begins with me as a twenty year old when I was “lucky” enough to meet and begin a fourteen year friendship with the Meditation Master, John Garrie, Roshi.

Roshi John was a brilliant and unique teacher of freedom through the ancient ways of Satipatthana and Zen. As with all great Zen Masters he was controversial and iconoclastic, who with directness and fathomless compassion brought the Spiritual path down to its bare bones and made it relevant to the modern western mind (even getting through to one of his more stubborn and stupid of Students – He would often refer to me as His boy!).

This practice gave me skills as a Healer and insight into the true origin of dis-ease, the removal of blocks to change and the establishment of balance and health. Later I found my healing expression in the Healing-Shiatsu form; an application of mindfulness meditation to Shiatsu.

Shiatsu dates back to the same origins as Acupuncture in China over 3000 years ago.Shiatsu works with Meridian lines, or subtle magnetic energy channels,that run throughout the body and connect with the main internal organs. Their quality of flow has a profound effect on the whole health of the person.

I underwent a vigorous seven-year training in Healing-Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau (“a Tiger in Lambs clothing”), Meditation and Shiatsu Teacher who formed the first professional Shiatsu School in Britain. This involved a thorough, sometimes difficult, investigation of oneself in the light of the workings of the Five Elements and flow of chi in the Meridian lines as well as a first rate training in Shiatsu theory, technique and form.

My Healing form is gentle and non-intrusive and with the healing powers of the five elements supports and prepares the person for change and recovery.

When working many clients have “seen” various beings working through me; from Buddhist deities, White Eagle to one long-term client who would regularly emerge from the session in disbelief at not finding six Japanese Zen Monks sitting in the room with us! For me these are interpretations and Healing comes from emptiness, from the simple working on the quality of being.

Over the years I have found great benefit in the freeing practice of Tai-Ji dancing and Chi-Kung. Along with the practice of Zen and Shiatsu the spiritual and physical centre and home is in, the Hara or Tantien.The place of now, of simplicity, power and ease where can be found a point of stillness, the diamond in the dustbin.