Classes and Workshops


TAI-JI at Friends Meeting House, King’s St, Hereford

From the 13th of September 2018!  Thursday morning 9.30-11.00.

Tai-Ji at Longtown Village Hall. HR2 0LD.

 From the 25th of September 2018!  Tuesday morning 9.30-11.00


Classes begin with simple flowing movements and stretches to relax and energise the body and focus the mind. In a light and non-forcing way we explore the Tai-Ji Forms with the emphasis on creating a healing and transformative force in our lives.

Movement Imagination  Stillness

Introducing basic movements and poetic motifs from the Living Tao Tai-Ji Forms

Tai-Ji is a natural and fun movement, life and dance practice that frees and relaxes the body, that enhances health and wellbeing.

 Tai-Ji gives confidence in “being you”.

Tai-Ji is a powerful creative and healing force in our lives.

Tai-Ji is suitable for all people of all ages and abilities.

Everyone is welcome.



Cost: £10

 Classes in Meditation and Relaxation

in Hereford. Friends Meeting House.

From the 13th of September 2018! Thursday morning 11.00-11.30.

Longtown Village Hall HR2 0LD. From the 25th of September! Tuesday morning 11.00-11.30.


Mindfulness and Relaxation.

Spaciousness, Softness and lightness…. leading to stillness.

Cost: £5

For both Classes, Tai-Ji and Relaxation, cost: £10.

Please contact Chris on 07870 149745.

Chris Sheehan: I am a practitioner Healing-Shiatsu for over 20 years. I have a background in Zen and Mindfulness Meditation studying with Meditation and Zen Master, John Garrie Roshi, for 14 years and have studied Tai-Ji and Taoism with Tai-Ji Master ChungLiang Al Huang since 2001. I am a recognised teacher with the Living Tao Foundation.