Christopher Sheehan

IMG_1071  TEL: 07870 149745

At the age of 20 I began a 14 year extensive training in Zen and Mindfulness Meditation with Meditation Master John Garrie Roshi. His unique Teaching in freedom, using breath, relaxation and posture to celebrate the moment, forms the basis of my Tai-Ji and Healing practice. With his encouragement I took up Tai-Ji and developed healing skills by training in Healing-Shiatsu with Sonia Moriceau. Sonia established the first professional training in Shiatsu in the U.K.


I have also studied with Namgyal Rinpoche.

Since 2001 I have worked closely with the internationally recognised Tai-Ji Master, Chungliang Al Huang, author of the classic, “Embrace tiger, return to mountain.”

I have Practised Healing-Shiatsu since 1992 at first in Snowdonia in North Wales and more recently in Herefordshire.

I have run Classes Tai-Ji since 1998. I have worked for County Councils and the NHS helping people bring the essence  of Tai-Ji and relaxation into their working lives.

I love being in Nature, walking in the mountains and camping.

I recently moved to Herefordshire so that my children can attend the Steiner Academy Hereford School.


John Garrie, Roshi


Sonia Moriceau.

Chris with his teacher Chung-Liang Al Huang

Chris with Chung-Liang Al Huang


Namgyal Rinpoche.