A few years ago our son was born. He was born in a wonderful, almost effortless way. Consciously. Naturally. Without interference or drugs. Arriving at home in a little over an hour. Supported throughout pregnancy and in labour with Healing-Shiatsu and gentle, skilful breathing, postural adjustment and stretching.

The essence of Healing-Shiatsu is that with the quality of just being and meeting the other person healing and recovery will take place. With my hands I hold and meet the ki or energy within the various meridians and parts of the body. With touch and intention I invite the energy to go where needed. Pains and discomfort lessen or disappear and, most importantly in healing, attitudes change.
The process is of support and guidance rather than treatment or cure. This way of healing encourages responsibility and self-reliance; within each person is the power to be well and happy.
Healing-Shiatsu is an ideal way of providing support through the many bodily and mental changes, and empowering a woman in taking responsibility for their pregnancy and in achieving a conscious and natural childbirth. It encourages self-awareness and trust in ones direct experience over that of any health authority.

A woman can become more in tune with the needs of her body and unborn child.
For many women pregnancy is a period of great change and growth. New depths and sensitivities are experienced. The developing foetus is also highly sensitive and dependent on the wellbeing and happiness of the mother. The focus is naturally drawn to the quality of “being” rather than too much business and “doing”.
I know an experienced midwife who said she could tell whether a pregnant woman will have a good and trouble free labour by the quality of ease she expresses.
Through my work in mindfulness meditation, Tai-Ji and Shiatsu I have developed a comprehensive range of body skills. Out of which there are some simple breathing, relaxation and stretching exercises that I have found to be particularly appropriate to a happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. These exercises are given in addition to the Shiatsu session. There emphasis is on relaxation, opening and letting-go.

There essence is the out breath.
To learn to let go on the out breath and to trust the body are perhaps the most important skills to take into labour. There are also some very effective shiatsu points, especially around the sacrum and lower leg that give pain relief and help with the processes of opening and expelling.

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