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What is Healing-Shiatsu?

Healing-Shiatsu is non-invasive form of healing that supports and prepares the person in returning to and maintaining a state of full health and happiness.

Through stillness, loving kindness and positive intention of qualities within the Meridians and the Five Elements, the client can be fully met. Blocks and restrictions, whether in the body or the mind, can then soften and open. Pains and discomfort lessen or disappear and attitudes can change.

The gentle and spacious quality of a Healing-Shiatsu Session allows the Client to experience a deep sense of peace, comfort and ease.

New Dates for Classes in Tai-Ji and Meditation at Friends Meeting House in Hereford. From the 13th of September 2018!

Tai-JI. In Hereford. Thursday mornings. 9.30-11.00

Classes begin with simple flowing movements and stretches to relax and energise the body and focus the mind. In a light and non-forcing way we explore the Tai-Ji Forms with the emphasis on creating a healing and transformative force in our lives.

Thursday mornings, 9.30am-11.00
Friends Meeting House, 21 King Street Hereford, HR4 9BX.

Classes are open to all.

Cost: £10

Meditation and Relaxation. Hereford. Thursday mornings, 11.00-11.30

Softness, Lightness and spaciousness…. leading to stillness.

Thursday mornings. 11.00- 11.30
Friends Meeting House, 21 King Street Hereford, HR4 9BX.

Cost: £5

Attend both Classes for £10.

Please contact Chris before the Class so to ensure availability of a place. 07870 149745.